Before we let you board the bus for StartupBus Europe 2016  we need to find out how awesome you are.
We'll ask you a couple of questions and then will get back to you to schedule a video interview to make sure you're right for our crew!

Please note riding StartupBus is not free: the current cost is €409 which includes a ticket for Pirate Summit, Europe's most craziest invite-only startup conference, currently valued at €325.
Bring it on!
What StartupBus are you applying for? *

If you can't choose then apply twice!

We've merged our German and Italian bus into the French and Swiss buses. If you happen to be from Germany or Italy then please apply for France or Switzerland and mention this during your application as we may be able to help you with your transportation. Go international from day one!

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You get 5 tweets worth of characters to convince us!

PS: you can also send out 5 tweets for real. If you do so, please mention @TheStartupBus. That way we'll notice you even more! ;-)
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We want to have a video interview with you.
Who are you currently working for? *

What are you really good at? *

Building node.js apps, winning eating competitions, data science, digital marketing, ...
What's your favorite bus movie? *

Tell us about the craziest thing you've ever done *

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Thank you so much for getting through this form. Go do something awesome, like tweeting about @TheStartupBus or something! ;-)
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